Make Your Bones 20 Years Younger With the Help of This Recipe With Only 3 Ingredients

This is an interesting recipe used by our grandmothers. All you need are 3 ingredients to make it. It is said that this recipe makes our bones 20 years younger.

So, if you feel heaviness in your feet, pain in your ankles, pain in your back and have consequences from some old injuries, you won’t need the expensive medicine, gels and magnets. All you will need are these 3 ingredients to make this cure.


300 ml of alcohol (70%)

100 ml of iodine

10 aspirin pills of 300 mg

You can find all these ingredients in the local pharmacy. The iodine is famous as a strong germicide with wide spectrum, effective against large number of bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoans or spores.


How to make it:

Mix the alcohol with the iodine and add the crushed aspirin pills. Mix it and leave it to stay in a dark and cold place for 21 days. After this, you can use as a cure.

Use it as a layer or rub it directly on the spot where you feel pain with a massage.

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