No More Needles: Salvation For Those Afraid of Taking Blood

The American scientists have come up with a solution how to take blood without using needles or any other way of causing pain. This is an invention that will surely make easier for those afraid of needles and taking blood.

The little device works in a way that it is put on the skin for two minutes and the special vacuum part takes the blood from the skin capillary vessels. It is immediately put in the tube in the device.


“When we put the device on the skin, it creates a light vacuum and it immediately starts to take blood from the capillary vessels. Thanks to the capillary activity, the blood is vacuumed and situated in the tube.” – says the vice president and co-creator of the company Tasso Inc, Ben Cassavant.


The advantage is that this solution can be used at home, and you can send the blood samples through mail.

Medical daily writes that those who tried this method of blood taking know that it is completely painless.The company hopes that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will approve of its usage and it would be on the market next year.

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