A Japanese Scientist Put An End To The Tooth Fillings

The revolutionary discovery in the field of the personal hygiene is made by the Japanese scientist Kazue Yamagishi.

With the help of an invented toothpaste you can quickly and painlessly fill holes and fissures of the teeth, and also rebuild tooth enamel without the help of dentists.

In it’s composition it is similar to tooth enamel and can be applied directly to the tooth crack. The material was obtained as a result of experiments with hydroxyapatite – the main basic ingredient of teeth.

The initial contain acid easily dissolves the surface of the damaged enamel. After three minutes, the paste was crystallized and the artificial materials were fitted firmly in the structure of the natural enamel. Besides that, the substance is very effective antibacterial agent.


Tests conducted by Japanese dentists show that the treated tooth with this paste does not differ from the healthy one. The difference could be observed only with microscope.

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