How To Cure A Persistent Cough And Bronchitis With Cabbage Leaf And Honey In 5 Days

It is very difficult to liberate yourself from persistent cough. Sometimes even drugs don’t help. One of the most famous and the most effective ways of fighting indeed, is the a cabbage leaf and honey. It is truly a “golden” antitussive.

There is no age limit for usage of this cure. It is both effective for small children and for adults.

You will need 1 head of cabbage and honey to start the treatment. Here’s what to do:

Slowly take one leaf of the cabbage head. The leaf should be boiled in water for a couple of minutes. It will become warm and soft. After that, smear one side of the leaf with honey. Put the leaf on the chest of patient on the side where the honey is. Place nylon bags on top and wrap it with a scarf or towel. This procedure should be carried out before bedtime.

If the cough is strong, you will need two sheets of cabbage – one placed on the chest and the other on the back. Take the compress off in the morning. Wipe the skin with a damp cloth or rinse the spot of the treatment with everything that it has taken away.

If the bronchitis is in its start, the results will be immediately visible after the first treatment. The treatment should be done for 5 to 7 nights, and soon there will be no trace of cough.

The active ingredients of the honey and the cabbage with the heat, contribute to the reduction of the cough and the disappearance of the inflammatory process. The honey can be replaced with castor oil alternately.

I can say, from my own experience, that the cabbage is magical. There was one time I started to cough. I had cabbage in the house but no honey. I didn’t want to wait and make the problem worse, so I started the treatment with cabbage only and it helped!


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