Why a Himalayan Salt Lamp is One of The Greatest Things You Can Own

Perhaps you’ve heard of Himalayan salt lamps or perhaps you even already have one. The Himalayan salt lamp is becoming a very popular addition to people’s living areas. Body detoxification, relaxation and respiratory support are some of the reported health benefits of this mineral rich salt. The lamps can improve your overall sense of happiness.

The Himalayan salt lamp is made from a chunk (sizes vary) of Himalayan salt. The lamp has a small bulb inside and is shaped in a sophisticated way to create a beautiful decorative object of an exceptional health value. Some lamps are designed in the form of a basket with the salt crystals inside and in the bulb is placed in the middle of the basket within the pile crystals.

Ions can be positive or negative because they are unbalanced molecules. Electrons and neutrons are unequal in ions.

Many people living in crowded cities, would definitely feel the effects of all the positive ions in the air.
Positive ions are very harmful to us and need to be neutralized.

What makes the Himalayan salt lamp so great is that it brings the outdoors inside. The reason why we feel better after being outside or after it rains is because the air becomes filled with negative ions and negative ions are good.

Himalayan salt lamps have been shown to be helpful with:

-skin conditions
-blood system disorders
-stress-related disorders
-insomnia and sleep disturbances
-respiratory problems

himalayan salt lamps

Place your lamp wherever you spend the most time or where your air is impacted by electronics.

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