He Lost 75% Of His Vision Due To Toys Which Many Of You Are Buying For Your Children! Caution!

The most recent case occurred in Australia, when one child was playing with toy which it got as a gift from his parents. He lost 75% of his vision and this indeed should be a lesson to all the parents around the world. At least once you surely played with this toy, it is very popular among the youth and also elder people!

It is a laser pointer, a toy that actually all kids love. It casts a red beam of light at a large distance. The worst thing is that the boy was doing all this in front of his parents and they participated in his visual impairment.

Day after day, its vision was going worse. The 6 years old boy had to be taken to the ophthalmologist, where the examination revealed burns on the back of both eyes. The boy did not had any kind of pain but still in the end all that left was only 25% vision.

His injuries can be eliminated by surgery only and either glasses or contact lenses can help!


In many countries, these lasers are a normal phenomenon in the toy stores, but it should be noted that in many of them lasers with much less force are selling. This kid did not have that kind of luck as his parents purchased him an extremely strong laser.

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