28 Surprising Uses of Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene

We all have different typs of skin so sometimes products for personal hygiene which sometimes are filled with many different chemicals act badly and we all get the side effects out of them. This article will present you something different and you will gladly replace all previously used products.
Coconut oil is one anti- inflammatory antioxidant which successfully increases the absorption of nutrients and owns antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It is quite beneficial and here are some of its amazing uses

It has wonderful smell, as I previously said it has strong inflammatory properties so due to this it is useful in massages and will provide you relief of painful muscles and stressful situations.
–  Combine baking soda and coconut and you have homemade, chemical- free toothpaste.
– Natural lubricant
– Excellent in treating varicose veins, just massage the affected areas 3-6 times daily.
– If you have damaged or stretched skin rub the areas 3-4 times daily with coconut oil.
– Excellent for tattoos, it will accelerate the healing process if the tattoo is new and will prevent the colors to fade.
– It accelerates process of burns, apply it frequently.
– It successfully inhibits bacteria, yeast and fungi so it could be used as deodorant. Avoid chemical treated deodorants because with it you will also avoid the risk of getting cancer. Simply rub it on your armpits.

– It has moisturizing properties which helps in reducing the itching and flaking of the scalp. It controls the secretion of oil from the scalp so just by rubbing it on your scalp before sleeping you will prevent dandruff.
– It reduce swelling and redness.
– You can rub coconut oil on your lashes before sleeping and it also can help you to remove your make up naturally.
– It can strengthen your nails and protect the keratin layers.
– It tightens the pores and prevents dirt inside them which can result in acne. If you want your skin to look soft and smooth use it regularly.
– Replace your hair gel with coconut oil.
– Rub coconut oil on the skin so you can exfoliate it. Remove the dead skin cells next and eliminate successfully dirt that causes issues with skin.
– It can soften your cuticles.
– If you ends on hair are splitting, apply coconut oil to them.
– Coconut oil has antibacterial properties so it can be used as hand cleaner.
– Replace vaseline with coconut oil.
– Here is one recipe for natural body scrub. Coconut oil can be used also as natural scrub. Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar or tea and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. It can be used for the face too.
– It can be used as insect repellent.
– It can prevent skin burning so use it often as sunscreen. Put some coconut oil on your skin and go out.
– If you have chapped lips or some kind of damage due to sun radiation, coconut oil will serve as great treatment for it.

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