Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Every person should know that water is the one which keeps the body hydrated and removes all the dangerous toxins from inside the body. Many experts recommend consumption of warm water combined with lemon every morning due to lemon’s additional health benefits. It contains calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin C, A, B-complex, pectin fiber and proteins.
It also is anti- bacterial and anti- viral ingredient plus it boost the immune system and contains citric acid. All you have to do is cut the lemon on halves and squeeze the juice out of it in a glass previously filled with warm water. You can use honey as sweetener.

This is why you should consume this drink, every morning, half an hour before breakfast:

1. As I previously said, lemon is rich in vitamin C so due to it, it will boost your immune function an will prevent possible danger of flu or cold. It will enhance the absorption of essential nutrients and has strong anti- microbal properties.

2. Its citric acid will detoxify the body and prevent infections of the urinary tract. It will stimulate the production of urine and will reduce bad bacteria. This kind of water is very beneficial to those women who suffer from urinary tract infections. Their condition will improve.

3. Great digestion happens due to lemon. It contains ingredients which will trigger the production of bile and as I said previously it will remove toxins and other harmful ingredients from the body. Issues like bloating, heartburn, belching, diarrhea will be gone and bowel function will improve. Also, it is considered as effective cancer prevention method with scientific backup.

4. If you regularly consume water with lemon, the appearance of your skin will be changed on positive way and will purify your blood and will stimulate the growth of new cells. If you want to achieve even stronger health benefits add tablespoon of honey inside your drink.

5. Many people are fighting against their excessive weight and lemon water with little honey can be amazing ally against this fight. It is rich in pectin fiber which will stop the hunger cravings. Your stomach will be more alkaline and due to it you will accelerate the weight loss process.

6. Lemon water cleanses and hydrates the lymphatic system so it will be extremely useful in case of high blood pressure. It will control your blood pressure and can improve your sleep. Due to its high levels of potassium it will reduce your daily exposure to stress and will improve your mental function.

7. Lemon water will oxygenate your body and will hydrate it plus it will boost your energy levels due to its high levels of phosphorus, vitamin C and B, proteins and other important nutrients. Your positive mood will also be increased as much as your energy level.

8. Because it is one of the best alkalizing foods it will balance the pH levels due to s ascorbic and acidic acid inside. Sometimes acidity can trigger inflammation inside the body and lemon will prevent this. Pain and inflammation will soon be gone if you consume this drink as first thing in the morning.

9. Throat infections, sore throat, tonsillitis, say goodbye to all of these health issues. Lemon will reduce and make them dissapear due to its strong antibacterial properties which are much effective in treating these previous mentioned issues. You can also gargle warm lemon water for accelerate the healing.

10. You have problems with bad breath? Lemon and honey in combination is the right solution for you. Due to lemon’s acidity it will eliminate the bad breath and clean your mouth. It will increase the production of saliva and will remove the white layer formed on the tongue during sleeping.

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