Genius Trick to Expand Your Tight Shoes, After This You’ll Wear Them Without Any Pain

Tight shoes can not only be uncomfortable, but painful too, and especially if they are new. But girls, don’t worry because in this post, you will see how to stretch your tight shoes in a very simple way.

This quick trick shows best results with leather shoes. But you can as well try it with other shoes like those made of artificial leather, making sure you repeat the process after a while.

You need two plastic bags with zip-locks. Fill ¼ of them with water and seal. Put the sealed bags in your shoes and store them in the freezer.

Once the water in the bags is completely frozen, take them out and leave them like that for about 20 minutes till the ice melts. After this period, remove the bags from the shoes, and dry them with a hairdryer.

You will be surprised by the results. Your shoes can even stretch up to a whole size.
We know one thing for certain – your feet will thank you!


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