Her House Always Smells AMAZING! Then She Showed Me This Amazing Trick…I Still Can’t Believe It!

We often buy various products such as different deodorizing items and scented candles in order to make your home smell amazing.

But, most of them are really toxic and full of chemicals. In order to protect the lungs of your dearest ones (your family), you should definitely find some natural alternative.

You only need baking soda, some essential oil, fork, empty candle container, hammer and mason jar with a tin lid.

This excellent trick is ideal for your bathroom, bedroom, living room. By using a hot water and soap, empty the candle holder and clean it out.

The next thing you should do is to put some soda in the jar, add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and mix it well with the fork. A tea candle can be also nestled in the center.

Tighten the lid of the jar and then make 5-7 holes by using hammer and screwdriver.

Uncover and then repeat the same method with the baking soda and essential oil. Tighten the lid as soon as it is ready and your amazing air freshener will release pleasant and wonderful smell



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