Researchers Confirm THIS Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Coconut Oil!

The Journal of Alzheimer’s disease once published a story that coconut oil may reduce cognitive deficits at neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Mary Newport MD was able to do that by adding coconut oil to her husband’s nutrition. Their story spread around fast but it didn’t last long.

Medical researchers studied the effects of coconut oil on cortical neurons that were treated with amyloid-β who is known as main element of certain silts in the brain. The results were stunning and improvement was found in patients who were treated with the triglycerides from the oil.

Neurons from rats were exposed in the tests and it was found that Aβ was able to reduce the survival of neurons and the oil protected this reduction in survival. The oil prevented the Aβ induced differences in mitochondrial size and circularity and we already know patients with Alzheimer have mitochondria function and these kind of informations are very beneficial.

They could be metabolized to ketone bodies and will provide energy source for neurons and compensate for mitochondrial dysfunction. Ketone bodies may contra balance the Aβ induced hindrance of mitochondrial function and therefore create energy metabolism.

Triglycerides in Coconut oil are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and it is considered as neuroprotective ingredient. The oil targets type 3 diabetes and the metabolic derangement of brain and the brain becomes more resistant to insulin.

After consuming, there are incredible recoveries in memory, these results provided at The Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada are only the beginning of one further researches of the effects provided by the oil.


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