Cannabis Coconut Oil Safely Treats Pain, Insomnia and PTSD!

The benefits of coconut oil and those of cannabis are very-well known.

However, have you thought of the benefits you’ll gain by combining these two powerful ingredients? You get versatile awesomeness that everyone in alternative health community is excited about.

But how to make cannabis coconut oil, and why is everyone excited about it? Read to find the answers to these questions, and more.

Why This Oil Is So Great
Strains high in CBD effectively treat anxiety, psychosis, seizures, and tumors. Strains high in THC however are effective at treating PTSD, pain, eating disorders, nausea, insomnia, and asthma. However, smoking anything, even cannabis or other healthy herbs, isn’t good for your lungs since they get accumulated with good levels of carcinogenic tar.

It is because of this that coconut oil is part of this powerful mix. The fatty acids it contains bind easily to cannabis, forming a smooth oil which can be smoke-free consumed. This oil can be used as a topical cream for various health problems, from joint pain to dry skin and sunburns.

This doesn’t mean that coconut oil is just a simple binding ingredient. It provides numerous health benefits like anti-inflammation, boosting memory and energy levels, which when combined with cannabis properties, make an ultimate epic list of benefits.

How to Prepare It
The first thing you need to do is to determine the cannabis strain that suits your needs. The best thing is to check out this ‘strain selector’ tool from SOMA Colorado. Once you’ve purchased fresh cannabis, you should decarb it. During this process, the medical potent compounds are released.

Decarb Your Cannabis
Use your hands to break up around an ounce of cannabis to smaller pieces. Put the cannabis pieces in a pan with baking sheet, leaving no empty spaces. Put the pan in a preheated oven to 240 ºF and bake around 40 minutes. To make sure it bakes evenly, stir occasionally. Once the cannabis pieces color lightly brown, take out the baking sheet and let the cannabis cool.

How to Make the Oil
Grind the decarb cannabis using a food processor until you get a coarse powder. Then, for each ounce of coconut oil you will use (choose virgin coconut oil), dish out a gram of cannabis. After putting the two ingredients in a glass jar, make sure you cover it. Fill a larger pan with water just below boiling level and put the jar in it. Let it stay for an hour. Use a cheesecloth to strain the mixture.

That’s it. Your cannabis coconut oil is ready to use. You can add 1-2 spoons into your brownies, smoothies, etc. Also, you can use the oil in cooking but only in meals that require cooking at a temperature below 315ºF since otherwise the cannabis’ active benefits will disappear.


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