All Pharmaceutical Companies Have Hide Far From Us The Fruit That Treats Cancer. Everyone Should Know About This Fruit!

With cancer now a part and parcel of our health challenges, there is a desperate search by unconventional, unorthodox and alternative medical practitioners, to find naturally growing plants that will help to completely cure people of cancer.

The large pharmaceutical corporations are hell-bent on ensuring that only their medical treatments is officially permitted to thrive in mainstream medical circles and practices. Conventional chemotherapy treatment which is the popular firm of cancer treatment that modern science can provide, gas it’s drawbacks, as it is known that more people die from the chemotherapy treatment than from the cancer itself.

Alternative medical practitioners have found one fruit that can help combat cancer effectively and prevent you from the health problems caused by conventional cancer treatment. This plant is known as Guanabana, which is also called soursop in the English language.

This plant is not a high growing tree and can conveniently be planted on your backyard garden, because it hardly consumes space. The fruit of the guanabana can be eaten raw, they are quite large and have a sweet taste as well. This fruit has been used by manufacturers of pastry items and beverages for long now. What is interesting however, is that the fruit has very powerful antioxidants that can effectively combat the free radicals responsible for cancer formation, growth and spread. It is believed that thus fruit will destroy pancreas, colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer cells. The fruit also has potent antimicrobial, as well and anti-parasitic properties.

Scientists have even discovered that the fruit if this plant is capable of curbing the growth of cancer cells more than 10,000 times more effectively than your conventional chemotherapy treatments drugs like adriamycin. The soursop fruit extract will attack only the cancerous tumors and cells, leaving normal healthy cells unharmed, this is not what chemotherapy treatment does, rather conventional treatment destroys both cancerous and normal cells, leaving cancer patients in a far more precarious condition than when they started the chemotherapy treatment, as their immune system is weakened by the treatment.


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