She Poured Listerine On A Cotton Ball And Then Rubbed Her Armpits. After A Few Minutes She Could Not Believe Her Own Eyes!

When its creators invented it, they had far more uses in mind for Listerine than just making a regular mouthwash.

Listerine was invented in 1879 and was developed as a surgical antiseptic which has been used for many other things. It wasn’t even marketed as a mouthwash against bad breath until the 1970s!

The product contains thyme, eucalyptus and alcohol, so it’s no wonder it’s being used in so many ways.

Here are some of the more interesting uses of Listerine:

  1. Rub it under your arms

Have you ever needed a deodorant immediately? If you have, you should know that Listerine can help. The liquid is amazing for fighting underarm odors and bacteria – just pour some of it on a small cloth and dab your underarms gently.

  1. Soak your feet in it

Listerine is also great for eliminating toenail fungus. Just prepare a Listerine foot bath and soak your feet in for 30 minutes – your problem will be gone soon!

  1. Pour it down the toilet

Pour a small amount of Listerine in your bowl and use a toothbrush to scrub it and it will make your toilet pearly white and fresh again.

  1. Dab it on your itches

Dabbing Listerine on itchy bug bites will provide much-needed relief. Experts suggest that it’s especially effective against poison ivy or poison oak stings.

  1. Wet your hair with it

Did you know that Listerine can fight dandruff? Massage some of it on your scalp, wrap your hair in a towel, then rinse with water and that’s it.

  1. Rub it on your dog

Instead of using harsh and expensive chemicals to get rid of the fleas on your dog, just rub some Listerine on its skin for the same effect. It will also leave a pleasant scent on your dog’s skin.

  1. Put it on your face

Many people use the popular mouthwash to fight acne. Apply Listerine on the affected areas twice a day and you will see the results soon.

  1. Stick your toothbrush in it

You should always disinfect your toothbrush as it may contain bacteria on it. In order to do this, soak your toothbrush in some Listerine for a couple of hours and it’ll do fine.

  1. Spray it on your screen

Spray some Listerine on a soft cloth and rub it on your screens to wipe away fingerprints and dirt. This will clean your TV or computer screen nicely and leave a fresh minty smell behind.

  1. Toss it in the trash

Put a Listerine-soaked paper towel at the bottom of your trash can to eliminate garbage odors and make your kitchen smell nice.


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