Smartphone’s Light Affects The Brain And Body (infographic)

The smartphones release blue light which makes you read clearly even in the sunniest day. It is emitted all the time by some gadgets, TV and laptops. It imitates the sun and makes our brains confused to believe that it is day. Then, the brain stops to release the melatonin and we cannot sleep well. The experts advice to eliminate every electronics or not to use them few hours before going to bed.

The melatonin is released through the pineal gland in the brain and it works few hours before going to bed. Experts have found that the insomnia is due to Melanopsin, a photoreceptor. It was recently found in the retina ganglion cells which react to the blue light.

The effects are worst for the teenagers as they are more sensitive to it because the circadian rhythm shifts in adolescent years. Video games or TV is enough to cause insomnia for more than an hour.
Dr. M. Blank got in an expert group who appealed to the UN about the electromagnetic radiation dangers from Wifi and phones. Many are concerned that it can even cause cancer. A child’s brain gets four times more radiation than adults.

If you are addicted to electronics in China, it is called official clinical disorder. Numerous rehab centers have young people in order to isolate them from the electronics. But, this is yet to be proven. What to do?

Limit the usage of electronics before going to bed and turn them off. Instead of using them, try reading. Download f.lux which alters the display screen so the blue light doesn’t impact you as much. There are other similar apps too. Try to get better sleep even tonight.


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