Do Not Be Afraid Of Cysts, You Can Eliminate Them With These Remedies

The cyst is a closed sac with its own membrane, which develops abnormally in a part of the body, these occur as an error in embryonic development during pregnancy.

The cyst is also a sac that encloses an organism for a period of dormancy, such as parasites, and protect themselves from stomach acids and being in the intestines they emerge and break.

The first impression when we are told that we have cysts is that we have cancer, bone we do not have to frighten us, if not look for alternatives that serve to undo the cysts, “like natural remedies,” is certainly the best alternative that even nature can offer.

1. Aloe vera remedy:

-1 cup of aloe vera (only the pulp)
-1 cup tequila
-1 cup of 100% organic honey
-1 cup lemon juice


Remove the pulp from the aloe vera and add all the other ingredients in the blender and grind everything until well blended. And keep it for a whole day in the fridge and very well covered and start to drink a small glass on an empty stomach. This should last 1 month.

2. Honey remedy

-500 gr. Organic honey, pure
-300gr. Leaves of evergreen


Cut the evergreen leaves. If they are dry, grind it until this powder.

Mix with honey and put in an airtight glass container.

Let stand 2 to 3 days before starting this treatment. Store in a cool dry place away from the sun.


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