This Is How To Regenerate Your Knee Cartilage!

In order to be safe from joint problems or revitalize your hip, knee and spine cartilage, you must have a proper diet.

You should also have normal weight which will reduce the extra physical strain every day and maintain your knee cartilage healthy.

Symptoms of Damaged Knee Cartilage

I will explain the structure and the function of the cartilage in order for you to understand how important it is, particularly in the knees where it holds most of our body weight.

The cartilage is a connective tissue which disables the bones to grind against each other and assist their mobility. So, it prevents any damage of the bones.

It can be found in many other bone structures through our body, like nose, ears, bronchi, chest and lines and creases of the spine, knees, hips and elbows. It can be almost firm as bone, but not as flexible as the muscle.

There are many factors that can cause cartilage distortions like aging process and many degenerative ailments like osteoarthritis, which usually impacts the joints on the shoulders, neck, hip, hand, knee and foot.

In addition, there are other factors that can harm the cartilage, like exhausting physical activity, mechanical injuries and obesity.

In terms of a damage of the cartilage, or its complete disappearance, there are few symptoms that can point to this health issue, like pain while moving, swelling and muscle tension.

Here are the best advices and natural medicines for cartilage revitalization on the hips and knees.

Rebuild the Knee Cartilage

There is a crucial substance that can help in the fight to preserve or rebuild the knee cartilage. It is called Chondroitin. It is very helpful for the preservation of the cartilage and it is also crucial for the natural revitalization of the knee cartilage, hip and other joints.

This important ingredient is able to absorb water in connective tissue, which maintains the elasticity and flexibility of the cartilage. It also disables many enzymes that break down the connective tissue, and in the same time it helps in the creating of new one.

It is gained from shark cartilage, as well from pigs and cows and the prime amount is from 1000 to 1200 mg daily.

Chondroitin can also be combined with Glucosamine, which promotes better elasticity and mobility of the ankles, and is also very helpful for the natural revitalization of cartilage. It is gained from chitin, which is included in the shell of crab, lobster and sea crabs.

Recent study has proved that intake of foods loaded with the amino acid lysine can be very useful because it is included in the regeneration of collagen. Because it is not created in our organism, we must consume it through the food. The best amount is 12 mg for each kilogram of your body weight.

You should eat the following foods: yogurt, cheese, eggs, beans, cod, dried fruit, red meat, etc.

Recommended food for cartilage regeneration

For normal creation and revitalization of knee cartilage, consuming foods loaded with vitamins is very important rule since the bigger part of it becomes inflexible, so it is necessary to take as many vitamins to extend its life and flexibility.

  • Foods with plenty of vitamin A stimulate cartilage revitalization on the hip and knee
  • Foods with plenty of vitamin C for revitalization of cartilage of the hip and knee

Vitamin C is included in peppers, potatoes, lettuce, oranges, onions, grapes, tangerines, blackberries, citrus fruits and many others.

The diet consisted of fruits and vegetables can also lower the risk of gout, storage of uric acid in the joints.

  • Vitamin D for bones, ankles and cartilage
  • Vitamin D is included in bread, cereals, milk, and many fatty fishes like herring, salmon and in oysters.

The study named as “Arthritis and Rheumatism” proved that exposure to sunlight and vitamin D improves the joint flexibility. The results also show that is needed to bring enough levels of vitamin D in the organism, which will keep you safe from the appearance of osteoarthritis.

Gelatin- A natural homemade remedy for regenerating cartilage

Gelatin is often used as a salad dressing or as a dessert, but it is also very effective natural remedy for revitalizing the knee cartilage, hip and other joints.

It is proved that the gelatin structure is very similar with the cartilage. Gelatin is very rich with proteins and collagen, an ingredient that is included in tissue, tendon, bone and cartilage construction. It also includes 10 essential amino acids and is fats and cholesterol free.

The best amount of gelatin is 10 grams a day. Consume it regularly and it will remove the osteoarthritis symptoms for good.

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