Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

Today, we are vulnerable to many severe and fatal ailments that are part of the modern age and the statistics aren’t optimistic. In fact, we are exposed to many different dangerous factors in our environment and unhealthy lifestyle, which resulted with millions of cancer patients.

The conventional medicine wrote the rules of the game, as they advocate and expose the patients to numerous cancer treatments. But, people have a choice to choose another alternative, which I will present to you in this article.

The cancer should be treated with healthy foods and earth elements, which is very effective method. This also refers to other health conditions as well. Anyway, if you intend to treat your cancer traditionally by using folk medicines, our intention is not to convince you get rid of it, but to learn some unknown info about it.

It is very important for you to know that there is a story behind the anti-cancer treatments with the remedy known as Laetrile, or vitamin B17.

The apricot seed is the richest source of this vitamin. This vitamin has potent anti-cancer substance known as amygdalin.

It is believed that this substance is very efficient in the fight against cancer and kills it quite successfully. So, why the doctors today don’t prescribe it as a remedy for cancer?

Edward Griffin answers this question:”The nature controls the cancer and it is a well known fact, but it is not widely affordable to the people since it cannot be patented, and, this is why it isn’t commercially attractive for the large pharmaceutical industry.”

So, this situation originates from the need of high profits for the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, the lives of millions patients around the world aren’t more important than the profit of the doctors and the number of expensive chemotherapies.

The real power of vitamin B17 is in the fact that it includes glucose and hydrogen cyanide. It is very effective in destroying the cancer cells by the glucose penetrating into the cancer cell. In this case the glucose’s cyanide and benzaldehyde form a specific poison that kills the cancer cell.

Anyway, many people think that this natural treatment is dangerous and many medical experts warn that B17 is toxic. Still, we all know that cancer is a toxic, so this vitamin is toxic only for the cancer cells and the odd policies of the government.

Here is how the efficiency of this vitamin has been proved:

The FDA doesn’t approve this treatment, but there are doctors, like John A. Richardson M.D., started using it “illegally” in his treatments of cancer patients at his own clinic in San Francisco. In fact, he states that he achieved great results which were documented in Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience, by John A. Richardson M.D. and Patricia Irving Griffin, R.N.

So, his team was then forced to stop using the vitamin B17 when they confronted with the conventional medicinal treatments, and the FDA even declared Laetrile illegal and unapproved form of treatment. This is why laetrile cannot be found in USA, but you can buy B17 / amygdalin in supplement form.

Also, no one can stop you to eat apricot seeds at home as a prevention of cancer.

So, frustrated and angry because of the cover-up of vitamin B17’s benefits by the FDA and the AMA, numerous studies by Sloan-Kettering have analyzed the anti-cancer characteristics of B17 in a period of 5 years (from 1972-1977) and discovered that:

Laetrile prevents cancer
It boosts the health condition in the patients
It relieves pain caused by cancer
It disables tumor growth
It prevents and disables the spreading of cancer in mice

Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, a member of the team on the panel, was asked whether he still believes that laetrile is able to disable the expansion of cancer. He answered positively.

Then, Sloan-Kettering came out and fired the top public speaker on the subject, Ralph Moss, for reporting on the discoveries, which left negative impact on the overall public concerning the natural cancer treatments.

Also, along with these clinical tests of vitamin B17, there are also people who expressed their personal experiences about this treatment which helped them to win the fight against cancer.

Dr. Max Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte Gerson continues his legacy and is an example for these claims. There are a cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, Mexico and Budapest, Hungary. These centers are results of the policies for cancer therapies in the USA.

Before he was disallowed and his license was stripped off, Dr. Max Gaerson was very successful in treating cancer patients.

However, you should keep in mind that it is best to take preventive steps. According to the statistics, you could be the next cancer patient if you don’t exercise and have an unhealthy lifestyle and consuming processed and junk foods.

Along B17, there are numerous natural foods that are efficient in treating or preventing this serious disease. These foods include ginger, aloe juice, vegetables, fruits, cumin, black seed (Nigella sative), Swiss chard, wheatgrass, aloe gel, sumac, spirulina, chili peppers, turmeric, goji berries, mushrooms (shitake, white button) and regular periodic fasting.

In addition, you should avoid stress as much as possible and tend to have relaxed lifestyle, without cigarettes, and alcohol. You have your health in your hands and it depends of your lifestyle what kind of health you will have.


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